By subscribing to Brickwork Mathematics, you will receive:

  • A face to face induction of the website and how the resources can be easily accessed and used.
  • Access to assessment tasks and tests to assess child’s prior knowledge which will help with planning for and grouping children based on individual objectives. Also, these are accompanied by detailed marking guidance sheets, providing teachers with support in understanding the errors that are being made in the assessments.
  • Access to assessment trackers to support the teacher with identifying the learning gaps of individual children, groups or the whole class.
  • Access to self-assessment trackers to ensure that the child is included in the celebration of the progress made.
  • Access to real life, practical and engaging activities linked to each National Curriculum Objective, which directly match to the knowledge gaps identified in the assessment tasks and tests.
  • Access to mastery activities for each objective which require the children to apply previously taught skills, develop reasoning skills and apply problem solving skills.
  • Access to larger, whole lesson mastery ideas which apply a wide variety of skills and encourage deeper problem solving techniques and strategies.
  • Access to post assessment tests and tasks with teacher marking support and tracker grids to help to show the progress that has been made.

Example Documents

Prior assessment tasks to identify gaps and strengths

Teacher assessment grids to help to assess gaps and group children on individual needs

Self- assessment grids for the children to assess their own strengths and gaps

Guidance and support for teachers to help identify gaps and select appropriate activities

A wide selection of activities based on the children’s gaps

Mastery tasks to apply skills

Consultancy Service

At Brickwork Mathematics, we believe that every school is different therefore we additionally provide consultancy sessions where support is provided with adopting an approach for the use of the resources to ensure maximum benefits for your school.

Additionally, the consultancy sessions can also be used to tailor the resources to the needs of your school.  A member of our experienced team will visit your school and work directly with teachers or maths leaders to adapt Brickwork Mathematics resources.  Such as: changes to people’s names in problems to engage different children, changes in activities and the context of the activities to meet topic themes and adapting the structure to reflect the needs of the teachers and children.


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